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After many years of creating large bodies of works which often focussed on distant and foreign subjects, Joshua found himself feeling creatively worn out, removed from his work and directionless. 

This resulted in a number of years in which little was produced, while he struggled to act on any call from the studio to create.

Slowly, as the call to create again became too loud to ignore, Joshua began to again explore a wide range of subjects and mediums - there was no end point in mind, simply the desire to create.

Some works, including the life drawings, were created as spur of the moment studies, while others were each painstakingly created over several months.

"Visceral combines a wide range of works that have been born out of my rediscovered love for creating. The works are based on images that have been calling out to be created for a very long time, in a time of significant personal change in my own life... images that are forefront in the my mind and close to my heart." 

The works will form the body of the Visceral Exhibition to take place at the ARO Gallery in Sydney in 2017.


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