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Desert Colours

The Desert Colours works were created to act as a contrast to the darker style and images that made up much of the Silent Voices series. 

Unlike Silent Voices, which attempted in many ways to reflect elements of Indochina's past, present and future, Desert Colours was instead created to simply recreate the moments Joshua experienced while travelling throughout India - with the works attempting to capture the brightness, uniqueness and the activity that is so integral a part of the country and its people. 

"It proved a challenging series to undertake after the months of energy and focus that had been put into Silent Voices, which had become an emotional and creative struggle to finish.

For this reason the creation of many of the works in the Desert Colours series acted as a healing process." 

The works in this series, along with the works from Silent Voices, were combined for the View from the outside exhibition which was held in Sydney in 2005.

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