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Children of conflict

Children of conflict was created in reaction to the conflict in East Timor in 1999, inspired by the images within the print-media that depicted the conflict. 

With the style of the works strongly influenced by George Gittoes 'Eyewitness' series, Children of conflict was created to visualise the effect of conflict and its aftermath. 

Largely based on black and white images and studies, the bright and quick application of colour in the painted works was used in an attempt to contrast the darkness of the subject as well as to try and capture the moment of the image as quickly as possible. Children were used as the main focus in the series because of their innocence, especially within the conflict they found themselves victims of, and to give a voice to those who are most greatly impacted by war. 

"The images were intentionally created to confront the viewer... I attempted to capture the emotion in the moment depicted in order to produce an emotional response in those who witness that moment (i.e. the viewer)."

The works from the series formed the basis of the Artist's Impressions exhibition at the 333 Gallery in Sydney in 2001.

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