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Silent Voices

After the hectic build-up and single focus for the Impressions of China exhibition in 2003, Joshua began seeking new inspirations, new challenges and new visions. 

"I undertook an extensive journey of inspiration throughout Indochina and India in 2004, which resulted in two distinct series of works being created, the first of which was Silent Voices (Indochina). 

The Silent Voices works proved to be some of the most challenging I had ever undertaken as I attempted to find a balance in depicting the region's distant and intriguing past, its devastating recent history, its unique landscape and its beautiful and inspiring people." 

The series attempts to show the viewer the beauty of Indochina, which has somehow survived absolute tragedy and incredible ravage. It depicts what the Artist found on his journey: a world that although filled with desperate struggle, turmoil and reason for hatred, it is a world that wonderfully eye opening… a world that is gut wrenching and hard to take, but also beautiful and inspiring. 

"The series is dedicated to a people and place that stole my heart, but who in return reinvigorated my passion for creating."

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