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First Impressions

"From a young age I began to explore a wide range of subjects and mediums, while at the same time experimenting with various styles. 

Largely self-taught, the period up to 1997 was a time in my life where I was inspired by books and images that I found around me, strongly influenced by many Australian artists including Arthur Boyd, Sydney Nolan, Charles Blackman and Jeffrey Smart. Although these influences are clear in many of the works produced in this period, it is also a time where I began to develop my own natural style and also discovered a real passion for producing my own work."

Although many of the works are rough in their technique , sometimes confusing in the message they are trying to portray, or seem disjointed when shown collectively, each of them does in some way display important characteristics, styles and motivations that become obvious in many of the Artist's works and exhibitions that follow.

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